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Surgical First Assist

A surgical assistant is a healthcare professional who assists a surgeon during a surgical procedure by providing support in various aspects of the surgery. This may include preparing the operating room, handling instruments, and assisting with tasks such as suturing and wound closure. The specific responsibilities and scope of practice of a surgical assistant may vary depending on the type of surgery and the setting in which they work.

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Aluma Health Services has quickly grown to become the best provider of Surgical First Assist services in North America. Our Mission is to search for a high quality First assistant, to provide you with the best support during surgical procedures.

Our Goals

Before surgery, a Surgical Assist will reexamine your records and medical charts to verify that all available precautions have been implemented before conferring with the operating room.

Expand services to new markets and customers.

Improve operational efficiency through the implementation of new technologies and processes.

Increase revenue by launching new products and services.

Develop innovative partnerships with key industry players.

Increase customer loyalty through loyalty programs and rewards.

Enhance brand recognition and visibility in the marketplace.

Develop and implement strategies to reduce costs and improve profitability.

Invest in employee training and development to ensure a high level of customer service.

Foster a culture of innovation and collaboration.

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Hospitals and Surgery Centers

Through the Aluma Health Services Physician Network, independent musculoskeletal physicians are able to access the tools and infrastructure necessary to improve quality and efficiencies which better enables them to compete as the market moves toward value-based care.”

– Daniel Certelli, Chief Executive Officer and Founder

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